Episode 4 – EDH is a Political Society and Leaks

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Trinisphere where Timmy, Johnny, and Spike come to battle over all things EDH.

Commander Leaks

  • The Ur-Dragon
  • O-Kagachi, the Vengeful Kami
  • Wasitora, Nekoru Queen
  • Taigam, Ojutai Master
  • Ramos Dragon Engine

Politics – Defining our paradigm

  • Sociological theory
    • Symbolic interactionism
      • Communications and interactions construct societal reality
      • Individuals create society, not the inverse
      • Events and interactions are symbolic of what society is

Macro – The EDH/Commander Community

    • Objectivism
      • Rules of magic
      • Society changed these into the Rules of EDH
        • Banlist
    • Subjectivism
      • EDH is about variance
      • Competitive vs Casual play

Group Dynamics with Recurring Playgroups (Meso)

  • Objectivism
    • Custom banlists
    • League Rules
  • Subjectivism
    • Taboos – LD/Infinite Combo/Extra Turns/Tutoring
      • Shaping cognitive dissonance towards playgroup behavior
  • Grudges/Threat Assessment across games
  • Holding grudges

Single game Group Dynamics (Micro)

  • Establishing rapport
    • Deal making
    • Importance of keeping your word
  • Threat Assessment
    • I must attack this person first because they might win
    • Fearing a specific card or board position and reacting
    • Honesty vs persuasion
  • “The Correct Play” Fallacy – opinions with imperfect information





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