The Trinisphere -S2 E3 – Podcast Reviews Rivals of Ixalan

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Today, we’re reviewing Rivals of Ixalan and its application to Commander EDH.

What do you guys think RIX’s impact on EDH will be? What card are you most excited to play?

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The Trinisphere – Episode 12 – Dinosaurs and Pirates come to EDH

This is the last episode of season 1. We are going to try to restructure and upgrade for season 2. We hope to see you then.

Episode 12 covers the release of Ixalan, and which cards we’re excited to brew with in EDH.

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Episode 11 – Storm Conditions

Hi everyone, Adam of the Trinisphere here.  As you may know Florida was hit by a fairly large hurricane and since that is where we are based, we have had quite a delay.  We are still bouncing back a bit so the production is pretty bare bones.  That said, please join us for a discussion about storm in EDH and our favorite disaster related cards.

Episode 10 – Commander 2017 Preconstructed Decks

Sorry for the delay and the sound quality. Some major health issues led to some unconventional recording and editing conditions.

This episode we are going to have our Johnny, Spike and Timmy discuss the C17 Commander Preconstructed decks as a whole. What we think about them and changes we plan to make to them.

Also note that this episode, we are starting giveaways. Make sure you are a subscriber to be entered in the drawing.

Show topics
– Commender 2017 decks
– Changes that we plan to make to the new decks

E8 – New EDH format: Planar Chaos

Show topics


  • God League Decklists

Episode 7 – EDH Cards from Hour Of Devastation

Show topics

  • Hour of Devastation Legendaries
  • Hour of Devastation Cards for EDH
  • Update on Gods League

God League Decklists