Episode 10 – Commander 2017 Preconstructed Decks

Sorry for the delay and the sound quality. Some major health issues led to some unconventional recording and editing conditions.

This episode we are going to have our Johnny, Spike and Timmy discuss the C17 Commander Preconstructed decks as a whole. What we think about them and changes we plan to make to them.

Also note that this episode, we are starting giveaways. Make sure you are a subscriber to be entered in the drawing.

Show topics
– Commender 2017 decks
– Changes that we plan to make to the new decks

E8 – New EDH format: Planar Chaos

Show topics


  • God League Decklists

Episode 7 – EDH Cards from Hour Of Devastation

Show topics

  • Hour of Devastation Legendaries
  • Hour of Devastation Cards for EDH
  • Update on Gods League

God League Decklists