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The Trinisphere was created as a podcast and web-show roundtable featuring three EDH/Commander players.  Each player representing one of the three main psychographic profiles in Magic: The Gathering: Timmy, Johnny, and Spike.  The Trinisphere crew tackles a variety of discussion topics about EDH/Commander from their unique psychographic perspective.

I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since alpha, making me the resident old man of the group.  I stopped playing somewhere around Wetherlight.  During this time, I played somewhat competitively.  But I was introduced to many casual formats along the way including EDH.

When I started to play again during Return to Ravnica, I decided that I would focus on EDH/Commander play and never looked back.  I have a predilection toward blue and combo decks and don't really concern myself with winning anymore.  I want to design and develop decks and enjoy time with my friends.

I have written for Tappedout.net in the past about deckbuilding, EDH/Commander, and card design over the years under the pseudonym squire1.  I am also a cast member of commandercast.

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Shannon, the Timmy, is a Software Engineer and Game Developer with 10 years experience playing Limited, Standard, and Commander.  He now focuses on completing "The 32" - building a deck for every possible color combination.  Shannon takes particular interest in the group dynamics, politics, game theory, and social aspects of multiplayer and alternative Commander game types.

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Ryan, the Spike, is a Food Service Manager with 6 years experience playing Limited, Standard, Modern and Commander.  For the past 4 years Ryan has joined up with a group of casuals to play commander, but still enjoys grinding drafts at the local game store.  Ryan's game play goals include crushing dreams, wining, and taking names.

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